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Change your life

As a qualified and accredited Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 15 years, I’ve been bringing the benefits of a fit life to Miami residents, one body at a time.


In March 2020, I created and introduced an ongoing online fitness program that has successfully helped women in the US and the world, implement exercise as an important part of their lives, from the comfort of their homes.


Whether you want to lose a few pounds, create muscle definition, or just stay fit, contact me today and let's get started!

Ready to begin a great, healthy and prod


I am passionate about this

Throughout my life, I have learned to appreciate the importance of having a strong body and mind.

My earliest memories are all related to dance school: Latin, Pop, Afro-Peruvian and Flamenco Spanish Dance. When I was 10, I joined the Peruvian gymnastics division. Later in Miami, as a young adult, I joined the Estrella Morena Flamenco company and we performed locally. 

I graduated from FIU with a BA on International Relations and a minor on Latin American  & Caribbean studies, followed by an MBA on International Business from the University of Miami. I reached a Marketing Director position and worked for several Fortune 500 companies before I realized I was ready to bring all my energy to what I loved to do. I have not stopped since then!

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with cancer and decided to face the challenge with all the strength I had. I researched, became very strict about my nutrition and continued working out on the days that I had energy. My doctor said I was fortunate to have a strong body that could face the disease. I am now cancer-free and it is my mission to bring health to every one that crosses my path.

I am grateful to work out with amazing human beings, as private clients and in my online group classes.  I am  honored to be chosen as part of your fitness journey.

Fitness Class


Real Experiences, Stunning Results

I have trained with Maru since 2015 and I highly recommend her. Maru is knowledgeable, responsible, punctual, reliable, a great mentor, with great communication skills and she is amazing! Don't hesitate in giving her a chance!

Nelson G.

Excellent workouts! Really enjoy that workouts are always changing and she incoporates new routines.

Vilma Q.

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